DC/WB Artist Kevin Wood is coming to Gotham's Finest Comics!

On Saturday August 25, 2018, we will be hosting fantastic artist Kevin Wood at the shop!

More about Kevin below, but first...

Fabulous 5:

As an artist I thought to myself, what can I create that would capture today’s audience in accordance to the times, and state of the world we live in. Female Empowerment, and Ethnic Diversity stand as one of the greatest topics in our society as many issues based on both  categories have been, and are still being brought to light. In general, male role models have claimed the dominant symbol of leadership amongst the demographic majority for many years. Superheroes have been on the forefront of every man, woman, and child’s imagination as symbols of inspiration, determination, and bravery.
With the monumental success of Wonder Woman at the box office the obvious was plain to see. Women, and young girls alike desire to see themselves symbolized as hope, power, compassion, and determined individuals. My illustrated team of DC Comics most powerful females titled “Fabulous 5” embody these attributes, and more.

Wonder Woman:
No other female character in the world comes more recognized than that of Themyscira’s Princess, Diana, known to the world of men as Wonder Woman. The greatest heroin of all time representing strength, truth, justice, hope, and equality for women and humanity alike.

Gaining recognition as cousin to the most recognized superhero in the world, Supergirl has solidified her status tenfold. Sent to earth to protect her cousin she discovers she has human tendencies while learning valuable lessons in humanity, and reinventing herself along the way.

This powerful woman of African heritage sets the stage in diversity on being the first black female introduced to the DC Universe. With her talisman known as The Tantu she has the ability to communicate, summon, and harness the power of animals both past, and present. Displaying pride in her mystical heritage she is surely one to be admired by women of all backgrounds.

As a member of the Teen Titans, this fan favorite amongst female teens, and adults alike has the ability of flight, and projection of ultraviolet energy while her powers stem from levels of emotion, and sensations very similar to that of the human female making her character more identifiable.

This no-nonsense, defiant, fierce warrior of a woman has made it her purpose to protect the innocent among all demographics. With her war-like mentally she gets the job done, stopping at nothing to restore justice.


About Kevin:

Kevin Wood is an American airbrush artist/Illustrator known throughout the years primarily for his precisely detailed portrayals of pro athletes, actors, and the world’s most recognized superheroes and villains in comic books, and animated television series.

 With no formal training in the arts on any level whatsoever, Kevin first mastered pencil rendering of human anatomy, and facial portraits by the time he reached the age of eight. Influenced by the dynamic artworks of Marvel Comics renown artists Jack Kirby, and John Byrne, along with the photorealistic painting styles of world renown fantasy artists Boris Vallejo, and Frank Frazetta, he soon combined both subject material, ultimately creating his own style of painting. By age twenty his artistic abilities changed the course of his life by way of the airbrush. In 1992, Kevin became a freelance illustrator.

 In 1993, Kevin illustrated his first album cover art for hip-hop group Leaders Of The New School’s album, The Inner Mind’s Eye, propelling him into the music industry as an illustrator for many years to come, working with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, and hip-hop philosopher KRS-1.
 Along the way, he entered the world of bodybuilding which suited perfectly as his source of reference material for any, and all paintings based on comic book, and fantasy characters. While doing so he’s rendered numerous paintings for some of the world’s greatest bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, 8 Time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray, 8 time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, and World Champion Powerlifter/Bodybuilder Bev Francis.

Today, Kevin freelances under Art Brand Studios located in Morgan Hill, CA, creating dynamic, realistic illustrations of well known comic book, and animated television show characters from DC Comics, Warner Bros Studios, and Marvel Comics while his works of art are presented, and displayed at prestigious art galleries around the country.

Kevin will have prints of all the above artwork available for purchase @ $25 a piece at his appearance.

August 25, 2018
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